Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre

Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre

An easy way to keep records around our practice of wellbeing.
Simon Fewings

The client

As a small Indigenous focused learning facility, the Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre caters to approximately sixty students of all ages. This learning facility is run by Simon, who prides his facility on a culture of positive wellbeing and openness. Classes are run not only to learn, but to grow individuals as a whole person. The Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre is attached to Sunraysia TAFE in Mildura, Victoria, and offers the Indigenous students of Sunraysia TAFE support and assistance in their learning. The Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre works closely with various Indigenous support programs including the Mallee District Aboriginal Services, the Navigator program, the Clontarf Foundation, and the Stars Foundation.

Dallas Kirby is the Centre’s dedicated Koorie Health and Student Wellbeing Officer. Dallas provides students with unique cultural practices that aims to provide early intervention and prevention of health and wellbeing concerns. These practices mean that every student is case managed, and their unique wellbeing journey is understood and nurtured. The key aim of the Centre is for students to stay engaged with their learning and have better health outcomes.

posimente has been implemented in the Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre and has been incredibly helpful so far in collating data and keeping track of information about the students and their current wellbeing and mental health. Simon claims that posimente offers him an “easy way to keep records around our practice of wellbeing.” He uses posimente as a tool to record challenges, strengths, protective factors and meaningful interactions with the student cohort. Simon is encouraging further use by staff members to ensure no students goes unrecognised and that they all have an equal opportunity in developing their wellbeing journey. 

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