About the Team

A dedicated team that prides itself on the specialisation in mental health, whole school approaches and IT platform deployment

As a team we are here to provide you with a tool to revolutionise how your school documents, monitors and tracks wellbeing of your unique community

The posimente team is made up of mental health professionals and IT specialists.

They have extensive experience in working with whole school communities on supporting, improving and engaging with school staff and leadership teams nationally and internationally.

The posimente team will ensure your school community is supported throughout the implementation, installation and utilisation process.

Our history so far

Collaboration and development of posimente with pilot schools

June 2018

Installation and deployment

Platform is launched into pilot schools


Launch on Salesforce App Exchange

posimente is now on the Salesforce.com app exchange

January 2020

posimente is committed to ongoing collaboration, research and evaluation.

This ensures that we’re providing the best wellbeing outcomes for Australian whole school communities.

Vincent Riviere

Director & Trainer

Vincent is a dynamic and passionate mental health and Education professional. Vincent specialises in providing high quality culturally sensitive facilitation of mental health training,programs and services within the education and health sectors. Vincent leads the demo and support for schools implementing posimente. Vincent brings his experience from clinical settings and training to the forefront of posimente, which assists schools to be working within a leading evidence base and for their unique community. You will meet Vince at a demo and as a key support through your posimente journey.

Victoria Riviere

Key Collaborator & School Counsellor

Victoria is an Education, Wellbeing and Clinical Specialist with extensive experience in the management and delivery of child and youth therapeutic interventions, programs and services across the Health and Education sectors. Victoria is currently working as a Counsellor in a school which assists her to be at the forefront of what supports schools need in an ever changing environment. You will connect with Victoria as you implement posimente and through blogs, resources and social media.

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Demo’s include information about the posimente origin, key features, partners, the team and safety of the platform.

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